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How do I compare with top athletes?
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Are athletes overpaid? You make the call.

Choose a jock from bankrate.com's list of professional athletes, and see how an everyday purchase affects their bank account compared to an average $30,000-a-year Joe or Jane.

For instance, a stereo system that costs you $300 is equivalent to Tiger Woods dropping 16 cents.

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  How do I compare with top athletes?

Tiger Woods: Golf
$98,941,827 a year

The golf equivalent of Michael Jordan. He can hit a golf ball a country mile.

Relative price of products
At $98,941,827 a year:  A product at this price: Seems to cost:
House $275,000.00 $83.38
Car $20,000.00 $6.06
Laptop $2,000.00 $0.61
Stereo system $300.00 $0.09
Hotel room $100.00 $0.03
Good meal $40.00 $0.01
Average meal $10.00 $0.00
Big Mac $2.00 $0.00
Slurpee $1.00 $0.00

Select a professional athlete:

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