Buy a cupcake car

Wednesday, Nov. 25
Posted 11 a.m. EDT

Always had a vision of cruising down the strip in a cupcake car? Well, now you can make that dream a reality for a mere $25,000. In fact, you'll even get a matching hat and your choice of "flavors" to decorate the cupcake.

Courtesy Neiman Marcus
With a top speed of 7 miles per hour, your ability to "dig out," as my grandfather used to say, will be limited, but on the upside, you'll be safe from speeding tickets and you'll attract small children.

Yes, shopping season has been unleashed, and those in the market for a gift for that certain someone who has everything will undoubtedly peruse the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for ideas.

If your idea of fun transportation runs along the lines of two wheels instead of four, you can buy the world's fastest electric motorcycle for $73,000. Save the environment and still drive a chick-magnet.

Speaking of the environment, how about a sustainable design art chandelier for $12,000, made from the bottoms of plastic soda bottles? Other arty gifts include gilded insects tricked out with gears and springs to create "a unique vignette," and the traditional whiskey or wine "experience."

Typically, Neiman Marcus features a unique his-and-her offering, and it doesn't come cheap. The most expensive among this year's nine gifts is the luxury aircraft built for two: an Icon A5. It comes with pilot training, and once it's yours, you can land on water as well as terra firma. Total pricetag is $250,000. Now that will impress the country-club crowd.

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