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Safe places to park your cash

Fixed income investments provide a relatively safe haven and modest interest income during today's economic crisis. Read more

Mobile banking

Haven't checked your balance, paid your bills or transferred money from your smart phone yet? You will soon: The era of mobile banking is here.

3 mobile banking alerts everyone should activate

If you use your smartphone to bank, setting up these alerts can help protect your money. Read more

Is mobile banking safe?

Banking by cellphone is gaining popularity. Here's what you need to know to be secure. Read more

Use banking apps? Avoid these dumb moves

Be as smart with your banking data as you are with your cash. Shield yourself from thieves. Read more

How to live your financial life on a phone

You can complete almost any money chore on your mobile device, but should you? Read more

Internet banking

An Internet bank is exactly what it sounds like: Every aspect of the banking process is done online. But, what else do you need to know?

The 2 biggest myths about Internet banking, debunked

Holding on to your brick-and-mortar bank? Here's why you shouldn't fear going digital. Read more

5 rules to protect an online bank account

Online banking is under attack by sophisticated hackers. Learn how to keep them at bay. Read more

Online banking vs. mobile banking

Online banking has become ubiquitous, while mobile banking has some room to grow. What's holding consumers back? Read more

6 signs of a new age of consumer banking

The banking landscape is changing rapidly. How will you and your money be affected? Read more

Smart banking

From checking account details to little-known details on debit cards, learn these smart banking basics.

Could a bank run like the one in Greece happen here?

Greek banks have been closed to prevent a nationwide bank run. Could that happen here? Read more

Routing number on check: How does it work?

Ever wonder what that funny-looking number at the bottom of a bank check means? Read more

Thrifts vs. traditional banks: What's the difference?

These institutions stand up for the little guy, but their appeal has waned. Here's why. Read more

Smart Banking: Little-known facts on debit cards

Find out how debit cards work and how new technology protects you against fraud. Read more

What happens when you write a check?

Years ago, it took days for people to get paid when you wrote them a check. Not anymore. Read more

Opening a bank account

Before you open a bank account, know what to ask.

Smart Banking: Checking versus savings

Checking and savings accounts serve different purposes. Should you have both? Read more

Money market account vs. savings account

Money market accounts are hugely popular. But how do they differ from savings accounts? Read more

Teen Checking Account - 5 smart moves

A checking account can help teach your teen important money basics. Here's how to start. Read more

7 questions to ask before you switch banks

Thinking of swapping banks? Skip the free toaster and check these factors first. Read more

7 questions for choosing a checking account

Checking account choices abound. Ask yourself these questions before deciding on one. Read more

Free Checking 101

Free checking generally means a checking account with no monthly fee or balance requirements. Here’s how to keep your free checking account free.

6 must-have features for checking accounts

Is your checking account boring? Jazz it up with these elements. Read more

Student checking accounts: Finding the best bank

Open a checking account with the right perks to be smart about your money. Read more

Smart Banking: 'Free' checking not always free

Read the fine print to find out if it's free checking or a "free" account with strings. Read more

Fight the fees: 6 things you need to know about checking account overdrafts

A transaction that exceeds your balance can cost you. Learn how to protect yourself. Read more

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Ask Dr. Don

Why didn't my bank deposit clear?

Dear Dr. Don, What is an ATM "deposit hold adjustment"? I deposited a $1,500 check from another bank at my bank's ATM a day ago and it has not made it into my account. The bank says it has a "hold adjustment" debiting for...Read more



Gili Malinsky

A 5% APY checking account? Yes! But mind the fine print

A Michigan-based bank is offering an exceptionally high-yield checking account to all U.S. savers, but you'll have to meet some tall monthly requirements.  ... Read more

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