The dealer where I bought my car has done all of the repairs and maintenance work on it, too, and now it has closed. I took my car to another dealer for its 30,000-mile service, and the service people told me none of the previous visits come up in their system. I don’t have my receipts.

Could this be a problem?

Yes, it could be an issue. The manufacturer’s warranty assumes you’ve taken proper care of your car, meaning oil changes and other suggested maintenance at the intervals it recommends. If you can’t prove that you’ve done this, a future warranty claim could be denied.

It’s standard for manufacturers to use a computer system that makes your car’s service history accessible to any of its dealers, but, like with any computer, lost data can happen. It’s best to keep the paperwork from each visit, detailing the car servicing and repairs that were completed, the parts that were installed and any inspections or diagnostic tests that were performed.

Having a file with this paperwork may also help you get more money for your car when you sell it because it proves you took proper care of the car and may help the new owner if he or she has a warranty claim.

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