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Tara Baukus Mello

Auto leasing at an all-time high

Find out why car leasing is at its highest level on record.  ... Read more

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Ford expedition towing a boat | Ford

10 reliable used cars at a discount

Looking for a great used-car deal? These trusty models are marked down to move. Read more

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7 safe cars for your teen driver

Teens don't need cool rides. They're more likely to return home safely in one of these cars.Read more

5 car brands that hold their value

If you expect to keep a car for a long time, check out models from these brands.Read more

7 great American muscle cars

They rumbled and roared until regulators idled them. Remember these monsters?Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Do additives boost fuel economy?

Dear Driving for Dollars, Gas prices seem to keep going up in my area and driving my truck is just killing my budget, but I can't afford a new car. I noticed a bunch of different products in an auto parts store recently... Read more


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