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If Mom insures car, can son be on the title?

5 car insurance myths you thought were true

Having is a no-brainer for drivers, so much so that we may easily and automatically make wrong assumptions about how an auto policy works. The myths and misconceptions abound, says Amy Bach, executive director of the insurance consumer group United Policyholders, including the belief that all insurance companies handle claims the same way. "Certain car insurance companies have a reputation for being very cooperative after an injury accident, and others have the opposite reputation," she says. Another myth people tend to believe is that when you let friends  ... Read more

Paying deer-ly: Deer crashes and auto insurance

A deer in the headlights can be a deadly sight for a driver. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute report that during the most recent year for which statistics are available, 175 people were killed on U.S. roads in collisions with animals, most often deer. The risk of those collisions is growing. An annual analysis by State Farm estimates that 1 out of every 169 U.S. motorists will hit a deer over the course of the next year; the auto insurance giant says the  ... Read more


5 reasons to review auto insurance & save

5 reasons to review auto insurance & save

Many people consider auto insurance only when they're shopping for a new car. However, drivers can save a lot of money by shopping for a new policy at other times.Read more...


Poor pay more for auto insurance

The poor pay more for auto insurance and that ain't fair. That's the executive summary of a new study by the Consumer Federation of America funded by the Ford Foundation that calls for an end to de facto price discrimination based on questionable rating factors. Read more...

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto insurance terms and definitions

Auto insurance terms and definitions

Here's a handy reference for auto insurance terms and definitions to help you with this chapter.  Read more ...

Finding the best deal on auto insurance

The best time to read your auto insurance policy? Before you have an accident.  Read more ...

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