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Why do auto insurers keep dropping my mate?

Video: Auto insurance premium

Whether it's car, home, health or life, everyone will at some point need insurance. With that in mind, Bankrate sat down with some of the top experts in the insurance field to get their thoughts on the industry and what consumers need to know. Graphic: What factors affect my auto insurance premium? Madelyn Flannagan, Vice President of Educational Research and Agent Development, Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America: The year, make, model, and value of the car that you're purchasing are all going to affect your insurance. So it's  ... Read more

Should you pay car insurance in installments?

Auto insurers long ago discovered that consumers are more inclined to buy a policy if they can pay their monthly or quarterly rather than paying the full premium upfront. The fractional payment option typically comes with fees to cover: Some companies reduce their fees for policyholders who pay online or via direct deposit. While auto insurance installment payments are popular with households on a budget, the fees aren't the only downside. Be late with a payment, and you may trigger a penalty charge. A missed payment could result  ... Read more


5 reasons to review auto insurance & save

5 reasons to review auto insurance & save

Many people consider auto insurance only when they're shopping for a new car. However, drivers can save a lot of money by shopping for a new policy at other times.Read more...


Poor pay more for auto insurance

The poor pay more for auto insurance and that ain't fair. That's the executive summary of a new study by the Consumer Federation of America funded by the Ford Foundation that calls for an end to de facto price discrimination based on questionable rating factors. Read more...

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto insurance terms and definitions

Auto insurance terms and definitions

Here's a handy reference for auto insurance terms and definitions to help you with this chapter.  Read more ...

Finding the best deal on auto insurance

The best time to read your auto insurance policy? Before you have an accident.  Read more ...

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