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Allie Johnson

Buying a car? Don’t fall for the Patriot Act credit check scam

You go to buy a car. You have cash or financing in hand, but the dealer says, "Sorry, federal law requires a credit check. The Patriot Act, you know."  ... Read more

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Car-title loans trigger a caution light

These high-interest, fee-heavy loans could wind up costing you your car.

How can I buy a new car and save money?

Fasten your seat belt and follow our map to pay less for this major purchase.

2 PLTS PLZ: Why most states require front license plates

Ever wonder why many cars have two license plates? Find out why states require them.

How long should my tires last?

Tire life spans are all over the map. Here’s how to tell if tires are still safe.

The 5 most reliable car companies

Swerve around check-engine-light worries with these dependable companies.

6 vehicles with the highest resale values

Depreciation can ding you. You’ll recover more money at resale with these cars.

Shocking sticker: The cost of a Bugatti

Even multimillionaires might balk at the price of one of these rare beauties.

Accident crashed your budget? 4 car repair financing options

Cover expensive car repairs with the type of borrowing that best meets your needs.

How much does it cost to buy a Tesla?

Prices for these electric cars may shock you, but a more affordable model is coming.

What’s an ‘affordable’ car where you live? The answer might surprise you

We’ve calculated the prices car buyers can afford to pay in the biggest U.S. cities.


9 steps to a car loan on damaged credit

You can still get a car loan with subpar credit. And you don’t have to pay sky-high interest.Read more

5 car loan mistakes that cost you money

Don’t be duped by the dealer. Avoid these costly car financing missteps.Read more

5 situations when it makes the most sense to refinance your car

An auto refi isn’t for everyone. See if you’re a candidate to save.Read more

What you should know about unsecured auto loans

Some car loans are unsecured. Here’s what that means for rates and requirements.Read more

Current Auto Loan Interest Rates

View current auto loan rates based on’s weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Can a mechanic fix without asking?

Dear Driving for Dollars, I'm getting ready to bring my car in for its regular oil change. Money is tight right now and I don't want to be hit with any surprise charges. If I leave my car for the oil change and they find... Read more


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